June 27, 2005

How it all started?!

Hello Pianollalists!
This is my first official , not a response to other bloggers', post. I feel a bit thrilled, yet nervous. You know it, when in the midst of your excitement and thrill, there is this fear of whatever "new" that comes along. Even posting a post is never that easy as it may seem. You address people's thoughts, let alone their minds. Those shouldn't be taken lightly, I may argue. The contributers to this very blog are a few, yet they "Elli homma You ya3ni" are so special to me. I feel lucky to have you around. Shortly, probably when I'm finished with my military service, I will be establishing my own blog; when that time comes, it is needless to mention that you are all invited. Anyhow, and now that I'm done with such a ridiculous irrelevant introduction. It's high time I spoke about......

I have an old man's taste of music. I love oldies. I guess it all started when I was but a kid. My father would buy all those tapes of Frank Sinatra, Matt Monroe, Paul Anka, Neil Diamonds, Shirley Bassey, The Abba.....you name it. He caused it! It's as though I got infected with what I may dare to name, a good infection. And when I was in high school, I wouldn't really comprehend what it was in the so called "metal music" that my average generation would listen to so passionately?! Other than oldies, I'm very much into "Sound-tracks", and what is called a "New wave classics", also "New age music" which helps in meditation and developing one's power of thought. I basically love any music tune that finds its way nicely into that heart of mine. Be it Arabic, Asian, English, or even childish! I am not ashamed to mention that even the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song that my little nephew Hussein (aged 7) is used to singing in Kindergarden, I love it!

In the upcoming posts, I'll be speaking more about it. I'll be speaking about songs that related to certain events, and about songs that bore stories, and about what I think was the first English song ever that I listened to. But now, I have to go and get some sleep, for I have a yet tiresome day in the army tomorrow. Wait for my other posts.



Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

yalla ba2a.. ma kefaya keda..
we told you we like old songs..
show us the taste ba2a :P

MoonLightShadow said...

Umm.. I've been away from that blog for some time.. Seems I'm very lazy to start posting.

But one thing triggered me in that post, I felt you are talking about me. I got that same infection from my father, but it was a little different in my case, I'll be telling you about it soon isA.

Steve Westphal said...

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