August 18, 2006

Yiruma.. real piano

Time to sit down, switch lights off, lay back and relaaaax..
listen to Yiruma's magical piano notes,, *w ed3eli :) *

Do you




somtimes someone

memory in my eyes

love me

nothing to say

river flows in you

the moment

what beautiful stars

when the love falls

dream a little dream of me

if i could see you again


August 13, 2006

Mild Depression - Amazing Lyrics

Today, I share a personal experience rather than just a song. Probably, you've all heard it before its the theme to the Egyptian Soap Opera - Sara, which was shown (ironically) on Dubai TV last Ramadan to be followed by the Egyptian Television a few months later.

Another one, very popular song these days is Dawayer - Marwan Khoury... soundtrack to Awkaat fara3'... Amazingly written by Abdul Rahman Al-Abnoudi

Enjoy My Mood!

August 04, 2006

ياهنايا فى حبهم.. المية والهوا

ماقدرشى أسافر من غير ما أبعت أحلى أغنية سمعتها عن مطروح
معلشى.. عارفة الظروف مش ولا بد اليومين دول.. لكن قدام ليلى مطروح بننسى كتير.. وبيسكت الكلام ساعات اكتر