December 30, 2013

لسان حالي.. وحال ناس كتير..

I have to tell you guys that my life has changed so much since I last posted here, its been years I know..
Since I know many of the contributors to this music page personally, I have to say my my, how have we all grown so much!

Most of us are no longer angry teenagers, and some of us have also discovered that chance's are we wont change the world, but we're still young, we're still alive, we're still capable to make a change, and we're still good!

Listen to this and enjoy

قوم نحرق هالمدينة و نعمر واحدة أشرف
قوم ننسى هالزمان و نحلم زمن ألطف
مازالك بلا شىء ما فيك تخسر شىء
و أنا مليت من عشرة نفسى
كان بدى غير العالم مش عارف كيف العالم غيرنى
كان بدى احمل السماء وهلأ أنجق حامل نفسى
قول اننى منيح
قوا اننى منيح