August 23, 2005

Enrico Macias

Last Saturday, I accidentally came across a concert for a singer, his name is Enrico Macias, he is French, but I feel he has an Arabic origin.

I was very amused by the concert, it was very nice.

Today, I found that they repeated the concert again as been requested by people.

Honestly, that was my first time to hear of Enrico Macias.. so I searched for some of his songs, and to my surprise, I found that he sings one of my favorite songs.

Here are another two nice songs

L amour C est Pour Rien

Le fusil rouille

Wish you like them.



Anonymous said...

he is from a jewish family in algeria I think.

not sure if its from the native jewish communities that used to be in algeria since the fall of andalusia and still thrive in moroco or if its an immigrant family.

his music is influenced by andalusian music thats for sure.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

u know moon, we sung the song >>"enfant de touts pays" in our school carnavals..
have u seen that?!

for our clas this memory is unforgettable..

MoonLightShadow said...

Thanks Alaa for the information. I had the feeling that he is Algerian.

Blue, I haven't seen that :( I bet it was wonderful.

El Masry said...

yup..mainly Algerian jew who moved to france.
I still recall having him here after signing that peace treaty with****** by late president Sadat.
he has a song in Arabic ..I was amazed that he could still speak arabic afetr all these years !?

all the best


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am one of his biggest fans. Can you tell me more about this concert? Was it in TV or radio? Where and when was it record it? Did you tape it?

Anonymous said...

I have almost all the collection of Enrico (mp3, wma). Please let me know if you want to have any of his songs.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, he is from Algeria's [originally European] Jews.

ElSadat had invited him to play in Egypt, and he did, in front of a really big crowd.

I'm sad I missed his concert in Alexandria a few months ago. He's one of my favourites.

If you liked him, you might like George Mustaki, whom I discovered here in Cairo last year!

(Do I sound like Amazon recommendations! :)