May 10, 2006

Different music, Different feeling…

Here is one of the best musical CDs I’ve ever heard in the last couple of years or so..!
I got to know about the band few monthes ago when we were preparing some sort of documentary, and “Nara” was chosen as the background music.. and ever since, whenever I listen to the album I feel as if I’ve been sent completely to a whole new world of fairytales.. My O My !!
Anyways enjoy the one and only album by “E.S. Posthumus” and called “Unearthed”

01. Nara
02. Pompeii
03. Tikal
04. Ebla
05. Harappa
06. Menouthis
07. Lepcis Magna
08. Nineveh
09. Antissa
10. Ulaid
11. Cusco
12. Extremoz
13. Isfahan

PS: Start by my favorite 3: Nara, Ebla, Extremoz and Cusco


Mr.DXer said...

Thanx Blue :)


eyeofbeholder said...

the world is really so wide for anyone of us to tell he is one of a to be frank i adore that kind of music.glad to see classy musical taste is still hangin in this rap-negro-nudo the way have u heard nature boy is great but on a movie it was played as sad jazz,if u can tell me where to find it i would be grateful