December 23, 2006


I'm passing by different stuff these days -everyone is always passing by something each day- but these days is something else,
it's somehow lacking a "sense of belonging" I don't want to say I'm passing through an identity crisis - 3ashan matfalsefsh -, any way.

This particular theme; I kept looking for it for long, to extent i downloaded the movie and extracted it from.

It's the theme of "EL Sefara Fel 3emara" by 3omar 7'ayrat,

I like specially the part when it's played while 3adel emam is leaving his flat for the ppl of "el sefara" for their party, and he is "BEYENZEL el Salalem" to the bottom, then he sees that while the "sefara" ppl are having a party, the egyptian soldiers "dof3a(s)" that are protecting "el 3emara" are watching this feuneral of the young boy he used to know "Eyad".

The construction of the music from downstairs till he reaches the bottom to see that Eyad is dead is just very "like" what I'm in these days.

Here's the theme from the movie

Direct Player -

Link -


1 comment:

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

YOU know, its my today's best geasture!
returned back to find you posting, and not just one... nop. TWO posts!
welcome on board dear friend...
You have been missed..
and i guess the rest of the people will tell you the same as well...

PS: wish you'd get rid of your current phase so soon, and return back the good laugh from the past ;)