February 27, 2007

Mumbai theme !

Hello folks,

it has been a while....have you ever wondered...what would be that piece of music that would describe you !??

well I reached an answer to that.....this is THE piece of music that'd really describe me.

check it out here




Dananeer said...

welcome back
miss ur voices guys on radio
but iam the one who stop tune in

nice piece
sad a bit but it reminds me with osama's music in his show

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

will listen to it SURELY after i have my connection back.. isA..
welcome back DX ;) 3ash mn shafak

El Masry said...
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Anonymous said...

helo guys,

it's always a pleasure to be back home :)

Dananeer, yes SAD it is...but deep inside it makes me smile in a way :) thanx I'm still tuning in to R.Cairo...old habits die hard :) Thanx again

Lasto....no connection!? OMG ! glad to see you here.

Keep up the great work guys