May 23, 2007

La Alegria (Happiness)

It is a song by Yasmin Levy she is a nominated to be the best singer in the middle east and north africa in the BBC Award for world music the same award Souad Massi took last year. She is one of the nicest voices I ever heard with a nice music she is singing in Ladino language it was the language of jews in the Arabic Andluas till the jews were kicked out of there. The music and the songs have the mix between the arabic music and the flamenco music. Listen to this one La Alegria and enjoy it there is some other more if you liked it .


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

Zamba,,, i was never mo7datha songs.. or may be i've always been :D
bas this one is a blast.....

sometimes we can raise the hats for some not very ... e7m.. you know... these neihgbours of ours..
they got good art some way or another.. remember the hava nagila ;)

zambarota said...

we always have to remember that we have some common history for a long time and we originally come from the same places have the same tastes and believe it or not i knew some of them that are more respectively and honorable than arabs and egyptians and found that the enemy isn't the person who fights you it is who deceives you

And in music there is no politics or countries and enemies it is the unified language for all people

Ma3t said...

Lasto adri 3araftny 3ala el o3'neya di, and since then i listen to it every morning
it's such a beautiful song!

Demetrius said...

I enjoyed the music, even though I didn't understand what the women was singing but it was pleasant experience.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

bgd glad you loved it ya ma3t ;) ya sadekt el kefa7 :D

and here is what she says to you Demetrius :)

"Happiness" (La Alegria)
(Lyrics & music: Yasmin Levy")

I drink and drink and drink
To forget you
I sleep and sleep and sleep
So I don't have to think.
Damned be the world,
I live to pay for the sin of loving you.

I leave you forever, my love
But don't forget that I exist only for you
And I give you the song of my life as a present
Forever... until I die.

zambarota said...

I'm glad that everyone liked it and i will try to post some more of her works

"*~Daisy~*" said...

mota2alleqa :D i had to record that