December 31, 2005


Another year is coming to it’s end , simply it has slipped away , gone for good, All that is left is just memories, The good times & the bad times , lessons learned & others forgotten, people you met ,some are friends others are foes, some you’ll see again while others u won’t
relations strengthened & others r gone.

Inquisitive people ,places & experiences, things you shouldn’t have done, situations you never dreamt of, decisions you’ve made, visions you’ve understood, some wisdom u have gained, mistakes you have made, people u have hurt, people u helped out, you knew just a little more about yourself , loved ones you have lost, dear ones you have missed.

The world is getting more & more difficult, wars here & there, political corruption , pollution every where, catastrophes so dreadful, some r getting poorer while others are getting richer .

What a wonderful life it is , it sometimes seems so terrible & sometimes so beautiful, such a controversy. So lets cherish the good moments, the experiences, our friends & our loved ones, Lets learn from the bad times & our mistakes. Lets try to enjoy it as it is having faith that we’ll someday somehow make it a better world for us all Farwell 2005 & welcome 2006 . Lets pray to God The Almighty for the best Of times always & a happy new year. Happy new year my friends


MoonLightShadow said...

That controversy of life has always confused me.

Happy new year to you too.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

and NOW.. AG is finally on board *bgad ;) *.. welcome here

if i may 2nd ur words beside moon's as well..

Happy new year to U both :) :)