January 02, 2006

Beneteweled by Mounier .

hello my friends,

well....I don't know if you know that song or not...but it was released around 1979 , most of you were not even born :)...I was just a kid then :)

anyway it's called Benetweled by Mohamed Mounier. here are the lyrics:

بنتولد طاهرين
بنتولد شبعانين
بنتولد متلهفين
على صدر ام وكتف اب مرتاحين
بنتولد باكين بنتولد مش عارفين
بنتولد مش خايفين
واسمنا فى درب الحياة بنى ادمين
بنتولد دفيانين
بنتولد صافيين
بنتولد صادقين
كما زرعة خضرا فى ارض طين
زرعة احصادها احصاد عمر السنين
الحلو و المر و الطيب و الحزين
بنتولد مش داريين
بالرايحين والجايين
نكبر، وتكبر فينا أعمار السنين
بنكره السنين وتكرهنا السنين
ونجرح البشر ونجرح نفسنا مع إننا.... بنتولد


it was the second L.P for Mounier and it was for me one of the best .....we will get back to his hit..7adota masreya..bas maybe later ISA :)

E N J O Y !!



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Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

DX! i never knew abt that song as well :S ... but sounds nice.. :D

ur are our treasure man ;) ;)