January 12, 2006

Souad Massi

Hello Pianolla friends,
this is my first post here... i really hope you enjoy it...
Actually, I'm introducing someone who's not so new in the scene but only very few have actually heard of...

Souad Massi... everytime I listen to her, my ears go numb with the music, the lyrics and her amazing voice... I have very strong reasons to believe she has the best set of oud and violin players alive!!

So a little bit more about Souad, she's an algerian guitar player/vocalist living in Paris with 3 albums out... DEB, Raoui and Mesk Elil... She also has 2 french duets "Paris" with Marc Lavoine and "Noir et Blanc" with Ismael Lo.

I certainly can't define the best of her albums. Her songs just put me in one of those moods where I'd begin to wonder if the other things in life really matter :)

Here are some of her songs... Enjoy!

From Deb:
Ya Kelbi

From Raoui:
Enta Dari

From Mesk Elil:
Mesk Elil


sheryos said...

Thank u thank u ! !:D:D

bs could u plz be kind enough to send or even publish any links to her full works plz to (sheryos@gmail.com) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???:D

عمرو عزت said...

شكرا جزيلا علي الاغنيات

قرأت عن سعاد ماسي عند عمر ( تجربة )
و عندما بحثت عن البومها الاخير " مسك الليل " وجدت في طريقي البوم " راوي "

رغم اني لم افهم كلمة واحدة من الكلمات الفرنسية
لكنها حالة فريدة بالفعل

Omar said...

قشطة :-)

Tarek said...

The files have exired :(

Tarek said...


Anonymous said...

meskelil album here



The instructions for downloading are:

Rename .gal to .rar

Password : galmuchet