November 28, 2006

Habanera From Carmen

Hi guys (">)

Starting with an opera song!

I hear it in a movie and I could not forgut the music

I kept on Whistling the music then I start an endless search

Till I finally found it.

I couldn't found the movie name and the new remix in it for sorrow LLL

The song was "La Habanera from Opera Carmen"

U can know all about the opera and the novel by visisting the links

Also, here are the lyrics in French and English

Finally here is the song uploaded

First a remix by Charlotte Church

Also the original by Maria Callas

U can also check this video and you will find many others

Enjoy it and tell me what you think


Hechkok said...

Dananeer , I loved the remix of charlotte more than the original of Maria and the video is terrific I enjoyed it too much and repeeted it more than 3 times.
I am so curiouse to know the movie you mentioned , I thought I heard it before I think in Familly man for Nicolas cage.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i love it ya dananeer
wait, i can upload the "nan moskouri" version i got ... very beautiful as well :)

Dananeer said...

i'm really glad you like it

hechkok i love charlotte more than maria as well ",
as for the movie i hear the song in,it wasn't that one.

blue do it
i kept try 2 download other versions but limewire was awful

Egyptian abroad said...

Could you please upload again some of the files. Iam trying to download them but they have expired from their servers. I really wanted to listen songe like: Pola Pola, and Faruz songs on one post.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

egyptian abroad..
can you please tell me the songs u want, and i'll upload for u isA :)
the point is.... we don't have a server to keep the songs forever.. so we use free websites.. which apperently don't keep files for long!

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