November 13, 2006

A Love Song...

This song doesn't relate at all to anything I've experienced.. I don't even think that such an experience even exists, it just gives me hope. I mean the lyricist must've gotten the idea from something/someone!

I completely love it... Its Mohammad Abdul-Mottaleb's song 7abbeitak! I mean the music, is very harmonic and there's so much passion in his voice... I wonder how it feels to feel like that about a person, or even just sing it.

Here you go!

Enjooy! :)

P.S. (min betoo3 Lasto-Adri) the song is in real media and not in MP3.


Hechkok said...

I never understood Mohamed Abdel Moteleb , why he even sings , any way i don't like him but the wording is lovely but the way he sang this song is terrible.

Deeeeeee said...

I wish I could tell you 'glad you liked it'! Its one of my favorites.. so I'll go 'glad you liked the wording' and hopefully, someone you like would cover it!