January 01, 2007

Journey of the Sorcerer.......

Before everything, The New Template ROCKS

Ok ok,
I kept holding myself and challenging it for not to make this a "movie review"
guys I did my best.

this piece of music is very special, it's originally by The Eagles and then it was adapted for a Radio Series, TV Series, and a Movie (The Novel is also a best seller);

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Leaving the movie aside, this piece of music has been very inspiring for me
Why? I don't Know; but sometime I feel it puts me in the "don't panic" mood

here's the part where the music appears in the movie (where the "Hitchhiker's Book" make it's first appearance actually)

The version in movie is acctually by Joby Talbot, which made excellent music all over the movie.

Here is the music

The Movie Version, by Joby Talbot
Direct Player -

Download -

The Original Eagles Version,
Direct Player -

Download -

P.S. One Final Thing, try to do this, you'll like it ISA,

search google for "what is the answer to life the universe and everything"



Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

looks like i knew wht movie to watch right after exams :D

and glad to know the template appealed to u.... el mohem to feel as comfy and tetl3 ebda3atak el mosekia :D

Tatiana said...

Thank you very much for songs. I was searching for it everywhere but could not find. Now Joby Talbot version is my new mobile ringtone. Thanx agian!