January 12, 2007

Two Great Songs...

At first, I was very resistant to listen to them, I was under the impression that Latifa songs always have to be "7abiiby Matro7sh Be3eed" and "InshaAllah" ... They're just pop and I'm not pop..
I am:

Latifa - Ma3loumat Akeeda

Latifa - Ma3loumat Mosh Akeeda

Enjoy the music


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

deee! I am in love with those 2 songs..
kidding me, they are awsome!

Dananeer said...

i loved them too


She had many great Tarab and slow songs...You should listen to Ya Zaman, Safar, Abqa Keda, Al Khoof...I could give u a long list :D

These two songs are amazing...I think she is going to shoot them soon.