June 17, 2005

alsalam 3alykom!

Hello Pianola Bloggers :)

well..ass this is gonna be a blog for Muzic nd nothing but the Muzic.....so I thought what should my first post contain!??.

and finally I reached the conclusion of...what's better than a Music search engine for MP3 and other audio file?

so here's the site :


there U'll get a search bar..write down the name of the song and the singer and click search

then U'll get a ne window with search engines like google,AV and e spew...only for Music

click on google search for instance...try to choose from the list U'll get any Index hyper link...and there U'll find your song :)

U may try the rest of the links s well to get more results :)

all the best my friends



1 comment:

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

what a hot start...!!!