June 20, 2005

Edison On Board

hi ya guys,

i m really glad to be involved in such activity, it's a great motivation for me to start writing w keda, u know y3ny.

and i thought of trying to do a small contribution, specially from the music point of view, how about this;

whatever song you can't reach, JUST GIVE ME A CALL.

eddie's special delivary will get the song and send it to your email, just let me the song info and consider it downloaded :D

mohamed mohsen


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

wallahi gada3 ya mo7sen..
1st: for the delivery offere
2nd: 3ashan awl ma u joined us.. 3ala tool u posted .. mesh zay nas :PPPPPPP

yalla salamati

Mizo said...

Dearest Edison,
As they say in Arabic, "انت كدة فتحت على نفسك فتوحة". I have a couple of songs that I've been trying to find for ages, but I constantly seem toأجر أزيال الخيب ِAny how, the first is called "The painter" by Paul Anka. The second is "My friend", by Matt Monro. I'll be very grateful if you managed to download those two songs. Even though I'm rather 95 positive that you won't. Thanks for everything.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

يالا المفاجأة..
mizo zat nafso is writing in arabic..

ya ostaz edison.. asre3 fl songs.. ha..
ana ba2a 99% positive edison will find them.. ;)

Anonymous said...

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