March 11, 2007

اللى ورا يبعت

I don’t know what to say, But seems my brother’s taste is excelling way too far!
After Eftakasat's blast, he told me about a new band called “The REG project”. A Lebanese group, that’s playing Arabic and western mix, quite like Buddha Bar’s, and Claude Challe style keda.
And tell you a secret! I’m falling in love with their music already.. manfique (whatever the spelling :P)..
Here is an example piece called “Istanbul” from their Project III and the rest is yet to come once my connection turns stable isA.

W please ba2a “Elli wara yb3at” any thing you can have for them online, since its –really- very rare!

OK, updates: other tracks..
Sobah el Kheir
Waiting immigrant
Trip to anjar
& Istanbul

1 comment:

zambarota said...

great music i enjoyed them so much i will look after them and i hope to find somethigns for them