March 01, 2007

Wagih Aziz

Recently I’ve been receiving some emails recommending a concert to attend at the culture wheel for Wagih Aziz..

The name was new for me, it sounded familiar, but never heard anything for him.. and actually I was bothered by the number of reminders I kept receiving.. and I didn’t go..

Today, my boss at work came asking me if I know Wagih Aziz or not.. I told him I heard the name, but didn’t listen to any of his songs..

He gave me some of his work to listen to.. and I was really amazed.. I loved it.. and regretted not attending his concert..

Anyways, before writing this post, I searched pianolla to check if there were previous posts about him or not.. and I found a post for Blue..

Here is the link for his official website.. which contains some of his work..

And the direct link to some of the songs of El Fan Sas which contains my favorite, Adan el Deek..

Hope you’d like them..


أحمد said...

try to listen to his old work

Ensan said...

the first time i knew wagih was about 2 years ago , and i really loved his work , once i was in the opera and i found arecord for concert for him , i listened to it about 3 times ( just one after one )before i leave the opera

Dananeer said...

the concert was really great
el3ashera matha2an also had him on Wednesday and was terrific

see you tube their is some of his work and Ali Salama too

i need a favor if anyone has songs from the 3rd album
it is still not published
but he sang songs from it in his concert

god.serviver said...

بيانولا ارجوكي بالله
انا مش عارف اتعامل ومش عارف اادد حد خاص ونفسي تساعديني بالله عليكي
يا رب تاخدي بالك من الكمنت وتاليلي اعمل اه
يا رب
سلام الله