April 22, 2007


One of the interesting things about our society, is how no one seems to ever pretend to even try to mind their own business. Its been an issue for over a century. We have not been able to overcome 'gossip' and 'judgment', this song is a new cover for an old song called "DA BA2F MEEN!". I really love that song, let's just say 'gat 3la hawaya'. Its covered by Eskenderella! A great local band. This song is originally composed by Sayed Darwish and Written by Badie3 Khairy.

Da Ba2f Meen - Eskenderella

Another one I would also like to share for this amazing band is Ziad Rahbaani's "Yadi El-Ayam"

Yadi El-Ayam - Eskenderella


Dananeer said...

going 2 z concert today?:)

Dananeer said...

dee ana lsa gaya mn el concert
urs songs quality are great

give us more b2a

Deeeeeee said...

I couldn't go to the concert, but I promise to upload some more songs isA! :)