July 10, 2005

Fayza Ahmad !

hello Pianolla fans

each time I tune to that hit...I have that sad feeling...."elward kolo kasa elganaayen...weshme3na enty elly sharda menna "

it's Tamr 7enna by Faiza ahmad...I hope you like it.

tamr 7ena - download it

also who can forget that song bya Fayza...from that movie !??Bitcha..NOONE!

asmar yasmarany from elwesada elkhaleya

all the best guys



Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i am not much of a fan for faiza el sara7a... thought my father is..

i only like "set el 7abayb" and "7ayran".. and could b one or 2 more..

Steliano Ponticos said...

Faiza a7mad is the worst haircut in the world.

I think she is great when she controles her voice, but she almost never does. Her voice is not very colorful in its tones, you see.

I hadn't realised it was her in Al Wisada. THat film is a myth really.

Steliano Ponticos said...

thank you all for these great clips..

Mr.DXer said...

u R welcome Steliano Ponticos


Muhajer said...

Actually I like only "set el 7abayb" and " Enta Mesafer" which I can't find any where .
Do you have it?

Anonymous said...


je cherche la chanson ''Ouhiboho kasiran '' de Fayza ahmad