July 16, 2005

e7m.. e7m..

I feel that my first entry is coming too late. But you could say I was busy, lazy or simply not in the mood to write. Plus, it took me sometime to figure out what is it that I’d be writing here.

My story with music is very similar to that of Mizo’s. My father used to buy these oldies CDs, and in some way I was obliged to listen to them. Deep inside myself I used to enjoy listening to them very much. But I always showed that I don’t like that kind of music. At that time, I thought it’s only us who listen to such kind of music.

Later when I got introduced to Radio Cairo, I realized it’s not only us.
In addition to oldies, I like classics very much, and sometimes rock. It all depends on my mood.

As for Arabic, I listen to all types. Don’t have a particular favorite singer.

Despite all this, I’ve got a very small problem.. I don’t remember names of singers nor songs.

I don’t think I’ll be sharing with many Arabic songs, it might be a mixture of this and that.

Check these and tell me what do you think.

ليه خلتني أحبك I like that song by Nagat very much

عصفور That’s another nice song by 3ayda el ayouby

ComeVorrei As far as I figured out, it's an Italian song. I adore it.

WhenIWasYoung And that’s When I was young by Shirley Bassey.

Be good all,


Alaa said...

على فكرة عصفور أصلا لحن مارسيل خليفة و غنتها أميمة و رغم أني بحب عايدة الأيوبي و حبيت عصفور بطريقتها الأصل أحلى بكتير

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i don't remember nas so often as well moony..
nice shots dear ;)

i like ayda el ayoubi very .. especially "3ala bali" :)

Shex said...

nice collection ya moon

I agree with alaa.. it suits Omaima's voice way much better than Aida

MoonLightShadow said...

Yeah.. I agree with both of you Alaa and Shex. It was the first time that I know that someone else sings that song.

That other version is very nice, thanks for it :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well guys the composition of the original is just great, lovely song thanks for the tip!