July 03, 2005

Hay Pianolla bloggers.
I wonder why I feel that heavy hearted lately. So I am in the mood of such kind of music as the song " Caravan Sary - KITARO Vocal by PAGES " and don't ask me which is which... I don't know anything about it. I just love it this way.

"Do I look that desperate?!"... May be I am...

Here are the lyrics and if you ever passed by a link to download PLEASE pass it on for others to enjoy that masterpiece.

Once along long time ago
Setting out to find our dreams
Lost in memories of olden days

Sometimes rising in the spring
Glowing, shinning comes the sun
Golden day beams come through to me now

Those who know the firebird
Try to find forever the dreams
Try to find forever the way, my way

Caravan, journey in the sky
As the sun comes out from the day
Caravan, we know who we are
We discover where or when
Caravan, now we find a love
Lovés shimmering and soon our love is gone

Love you always..

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Mr.DXer said...

Dear Blue Lue

check this link out :


it may have what U R looking for ;)