July 08, 2005

Ziad Rahbany

here are some songs for Ziad rahbany :) hope you like it.

ana mosh kafer
bala wala shee
allah yesa3ed

scroll down to the bottom of the page and save target as....you'll get it..voila :)

hope you enjoy these tracks guys..and more to come ISA

all the best



Prometheus said...

تسلم على اختيارك الجميل، انا ايضا من محبي اعمال زياد الرحباني واغانيه الناقدة والساخرة
والله كان نفسي اسألك كيف حملت هذه الملفات الرائعة، بس مش عايز اغلبك
سلامي لك وبانتظار الجديد والممتع
تقبل مودتي

El Masry said...

My Dear friend,

thanks for the comment ..as a matter of fact I got a CD as a gift from a friend....and I decided to upload as much as I can from it online.
I already uploaded 5 songs already..and Inshallah I'll upload more soon.

all the best my friend..and thanx for your comment.

all the best

ana mosh sa3eed

S H E B A K said...

...ايوه كدة بقى
سماعونا العبقرى على قد ما تقدروا يا شباب